YOON Heechang


1996-2005 Part-time Lecturer, Tama Art University
2006-2008 Lecturer, Tama Art University
2009- Associate Professor, Tama Art University


1986 BA, Tokyo Zôkei University, Department of Design
1987 MA, Tama Art University, Department of Art


1995 Overseas program of artists, Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, resided in London for one year
2010 Overseas program of artists, Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, will reside in London for 80 days


1993 Artist in Residence at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan
1997 Artist in Residence at Loughborough College of Art and Design, England, and various local brick companies in the UK


2000 Terada Collection, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo
2001 Hyogo University, Hyogo Prefecture
2002 Shizuoka Prefecture Hospital of Cancer, Shizuoka Prefecture


1994 Hospital Aiti
2001 Corporative Tokyo
Private house Kyoto
Corporative Chiba
Corporative Tokyo
Corporative Tokyo
2004 Corporative Tokyo
Corporative Fukuoka
Private house Nara
Guesthouse Aichi
2006 Private house Tokyo
2008 Shop and corporative Tokyo
2010 Kittyou Restaurant in Namba Osaka
2011 kittyou Restaurant in Umeda Osaka


1987 Muramastu Gallery, Tokyo
1990 Nabis Gallery, Tokyo
1991 Soh Gallery, Tokyo (and in 92)
1992 “Topos Ethnos”, IBM-Kawasaki City Gallery, Kanagawa Prefecture
1993  “Kinka Project”, Gallery Caption, Gifu City
1994  Hino Gallery, Tokyo
1995  Gallery Caption, Gifu City (and in 2000, 2004, 2009)
1887 “That Which is There”, Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Art

2000  “Something”, Gallery KOYANAGI, Tokyo
2001 Nagoya Gallery, Nagoya
2002 “My Clay”, INAX Tile Museum, Aichi Prefecture
“That Which Is There”, Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo
2005 Gallery Abitare, Tokyo
2010 “Exhibition at Nichigetsumochi” Nichigetsumochi shin-machi shop, Osaka
2011 “Talk on rectangular shapes” Kamizoe, Kyoto
2012 “scenery of ‘being’” Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo
2013 " a touch of powder" Gallery Caption, Gifu


1989 “The 9th Hara Annual”, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
1990 “Contemporary Sculpture in Japan, Transformations of Material and Space”
Kanagawa Prefecture Gallery, Yokohama
“Japanese Clay Work Today, Tochigi Prefecture Museum of Fine Arts,” Utsunomiya City
1991 “Illusion of Clay and Sand (with Chang-Young Kim)”, Gallery αm, Tokyo   
1993 “Art Today '93”, SEZON Museum of Modern Art, Nagano
1994 “Vision of Japan for the 21st Century” SEZON Museum of Art, Tokyo
“The Domain of the Medium”, Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
1995 “Grace & Gravity ”, Museum of Modern Art, Saitama Prefecture
“Circulating Currents- Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art”Aichi Prefecture Museum of Art, Nagoya City Art Museum
Gwangjyu Biennale, “THERE: The Site of The Korean Diaspora”, Korea

2005 “Ars Nova – Between The Contemporary Avant-garde Art and Craft” Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
“Trans-Ceramic-Art World Ceramic Biennale 2005”, World Ceramic Center, Korea
2006 “An Existence ”, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo
2008 “Spiritual Surface”, Design Gallery 1953, Tokyo
2009 “The Aesthetic of Margins ”, (with Lee Ufan, Lee Bul) Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Art
2011 “Works in Ceramic 2011” Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi
“Tatsuno Art Project 2011 Arts and Memories” Tatsuno City Hyogo
2012 “Blind Sight” MA2 Gallery, Tokyo
2013 “MOVING” Neime Gallery, France
“Paintings” Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo
" Arts and Memories " Tastuno Art Project 2013, Hyogo

ーPUBLICATIONS (selected)ー

1996 ‘ That Which is There’ Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Art
2002 ‘Sound of Silence’
2010 Essey Bulletine of Tama Art University 2009
2010 “Love & Hate at The British Museum” The site of visual art Daigo Publication

ーLECTURES (select)ー

Symposium at The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
“About my Work” at Aichi Prefecture Museum of Art at“Circulating Currents”Symposium.
“Ceramic Sculpture in Japan” at Loughborough College of Art and Design, England
“That Which is There”at The Shizuoka Museum of Modern Art, Shizuoka City
“My Clay” at INAX Tile Museum, Aichi Prefecture
“About New Work” at Gallery Caption, Gifu Prefecture
“Gallery Talk ” at Gallery Maki, Tokyo
2005 “The Aesthetic of Margins ”, at Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Art, Shizuoka
“Gallery Talk ” at Gallery Caption, Tokyo
2010 “Playing with Space” at The Embassy of Japan in the UK, London,